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I have just gone back to fishing after a long break and started using this as my main bait. I have had crucian, tench roach rudd just by using a sinle pellet they are easy to use and bring results

Kevin Kemp (ENG)
Easy to use bait that catches fish

Catches fish for sure , easy to hook and stays on well even in flowing water

Fantastic service fantastic bait will be telling all my friends superb thank you

First drop in

Can't argue -potted some yellow in with 6mm feed pellets -3 squished together on a 14 hook -soon as the float settled it sailed off with a 4lb carp attached . Bream next put in ...... then carp again ! Fish liked what they saw and tasted -so will be buying more !


Molded 5 red pellets into ball and fished under a waggler. Bites aplenty, decent bream caught. My fellow anglers caught 8 tench on 10mm red pellets on the same day at the same venue.

Fantastic pellets easy to use

The only bait id use its the best on the market

Fjuka Wafters

Another Fjuka great bait

The Full Fjuka
Mark Abrahart (ENG)
Full fjuka

Nice bundle of baits for any inquisitive angler regardless of prey. I’ve used squished fjuka as toppers as well as on the hook direct. Something different and worth a try

Hookable Wafters

Fantastic product, works everytime, especially the pink.

holding pellets

i used them all mixed up kept the fishvery interested without over feeding

Great service, arrived swiftly! Haven’t used yet but can’t wait they look amazing

Great service
Quick delivery
Very good price

not used as yet

carried with me, may have chucked a couple in but if so as loose feed only

5ml use

Using as a ground bait teaser as using the fatboys on hook. Worked when other hook bait used too.

NEW Hookable Wafters
simon Bottomley (48)
New waiters from Fjuka

Just took delivery of some 6 mm and 4mm hookable wafters. Really looking forward to using them. Well packaged and great looking pellets

Bought the bait for first time yellow ones where on top few decent carp from the little pond I was on

fjuka review by Russ

Been using Fjuka since they first came out. Recomend them to all anglers of all ages as they do work. Caught most species on them. Keep up the good workFJUKA. PS. Is it possible to invent a ground bait with the same taste and smell formula ? Just an Idea. cheers

A good day

Very good day many fish cought from 10oz to 10lb really like the bait I will buy more

NEW Hookable Wafters
Stuart Jordan (ENG)

Excellent al round bait

Jason Chapman (SCT)

Excellent match product and they smell great.

Very good all rounder

Used a couple of times so far once on a river, worked well for chub, and plenty of roach from the lake.

It is a very flexible bait, can be moulded, shaped and resized to suit the conditions/target species.

Well worth having in your tackle box.

Beginners luck?

Just started coarse fishing,tried fjuka for ease of use,took 12 carp from 3 to 6lbs ,micros for ground bait ,fatboys over the top wouldn't use anything else thanks.

Bagged up on Bream and carp

After trying Fjuka occasionally over the last 12 months with mixed results always ended up back on traditional baits.
Then decided to go all in and fish fjuka only on a local park pool, a mixed fishery, using black 2 in 1, and 5mm natural on simple waggler set up size 12-14 hooks size hooked straight on-and put together a few estimated 50lb bags of silvers, carp and bream, on my regular Friday visits.
Great value as get 2-3 sessions out of a bag,
simple to use hooks straight on
and the fish definitely like them.

Can't beat the fjuka.

Catch just about everything. Roach, carp, tench, chub and barbel live it.